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Original book bound cases by BUKcase

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How to keep your gadgets safe whilst on the move!

We've become ever more increasingly dependent on technology, and now's a more important time than ever to make sure you, your private details and gadgets remain secure. Find out what you can do to keep one step ahead...


  • Featured in T3 gadget magazine and THE TIMES 'tailor made' supplement as "best iPad case"
  • Designed & crafted in England by skilled hands.
  • Book bound covers made especially for your device.
  • Available for a range of tablets & you choose the colour combination 
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We understand buying online can be risky and unreliable. But with BUKcase, this needn't be. That's why, each case and sleeve comes with a 30 day money back promise and a 6 months guarantee.  Can't get much fairer than that! (T&C's do apply). Find out more... 

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Five of the best iPad apps for your kids

June 24, 2014

The clever guys at Apple certainly knew what they were doing when they created the iPad. Not only have they made a tool essential for simplifying every adult’s life, but the iPad is also beloved by kids of all ages. It’s not uncommon to see a child sat in its pram playing on an iPad, swiping its sticky fingers across the screen as it moves around virtual building blocks. You’d think adults would worry about letting their little ones loose on their expensive technology, but with clever apps available to restrict their access to kiddie-friendly games and with smart iPad cases on offer to help protect your gadget from a fall from a buggy, you’ve far less to worry about.... Continue Reading →

Five places you should probably avoid using your iPad

June 18, 2014

iPads and tablets are no longer niche gadgets – they’re everywhere. Grandparents, businesspeople and kids alike use iPads. While once upon a time using a tablet in a public area might have seen you greeted by dozens of curious stares from envious onlookers, these days no-one looks twice when you start tapping and swiping away on your iPad. Tablets have become a part of our everyday lives. They’re used in the classroom, in the office, and even in hospitals. However, despite their widespread adoption, there are still a number of locations and occasions where it’s just not right to use your iPad. Here at BUKcase, our high quality iPad cases and sleeves mean that you can carry your iPad around... Continue Reading →

Five irritating iPad users we love to hate

June 13, 2014

 Here at BUKcase we’re big fans of the iPad, and our love is evident in the quality of our iPad cases designed to protect our precious technology. This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t find certain iPad users a wee bit irritating. When the first iPad was released hoards of tech fans flocked to be the first to use it, and we were amongst them – keen to get our hands on the latest Apple technology. But have some fans become a little too obsessed with Apple’s top tablets? Here are just five of the irritating iPad users we love to hate... The snap-happy pho-smug-raphers Most people will use their smartphones or standalone digital cameras to take selfies or record... Continue Reading →