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UK Signed for (recorded) - 20th December

EU Non Tracked - 13th December

EU Tracked and Signed - 13th December

Rest of the world - Non Tracked - 12th December

Rest of the world - Tracked and Signed - 12th December


Made by expert craftsmen to disguise and protect your device.

Our range of designer cases and sleeves for iPad, Google Nexus and range of smartphones have quality built in as standard. By using traditional manufacturing techniques we ensure the luxury product you receive from us is of the very highest grade. From our flagship product "The Original" which protects your tablet while disguising it as a traditional notebook, to our super stylish Cote range of iPad sleeves and phone covers - we've almost certainly got the right product for your device and the cut of your jib. Available in a variety of styles, colours and formats, we have something for everyone. Please explore our site to learn more about our range.


Every iPad case, every phone sleeve, in fact everything we do, we do it using old fashioned manufacturing techniques.

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Remember when England used to be the manufacturing capital of the world? That was because we had hard working folks sitting down, taking their time and making things properly. We believe that things can be great again - and it starts right here.

Our craftsmen use tools with wonderfully worn handles from years of use. Where machines are used, more often than not, they're older than the people using them and are powered by turning handles or standing on levers. It's what we call "Proper Production" and it means the things we make are built to last and look beautiful.

Our Original and Slim iPad cases are made using traditional book-binding methods. The wood frames are cut from marine grade ply (for super strength - unlike bamboo or other easy to work with woods that our competitors use) and hand finished and varnished. And our Cote range is cut by hand from the finest Italian leather, coloured using vegetable based dyes to keep the look, feel and smell forever. Then it's all hand stitched with the same thread used on saddles and parachutes. We know that keeping your tablet safe isn't actually life and death - but it comes a close second.

And this attention to detail is all carried out in Manchester, England by home trained craftsmen who earn a solid day's wage for making a top notch product. We know we're not cheap but we promise that whether you buy from us or from a High St chain that sell cheap Chinese imports, you'll get exactly what you did or didn't pay for.





The original BUKcase was built by our MD to keep his iPad safe and looking great. Having just spent £500 on his new device, he wanted to keep it safe but was frustrated by what was available in the market. So he picked up his pencil and started to draw. Some weeks later, a rough version of today's BUKcase Original was born and as he carried it around Manchester, people asked "where did you get that from?". 

Struck that there was clearly a market for something that looked as good as it performed, our company was formed and a team was built. Having grown from dining table to small lock up into our new manufacturing facility in Manchester in 2014, we now sell BUKcase online and through selected retailers across the globe.



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