iPad Mini Retina Case by BUKcase SLIMS edition

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Style your iPad Mini Retina with our quintessential book bound iPad Mini Retina case.

Our iPad Mini cover features the same high quality and attention to detail you should expect of a BUKcase. The SLIMS case are now equipped with a revolutionary new adhesive called GUMPTION. Invented by our workshop gnomes; a nanotechnology adhesive that sticks to your device leaving no residue, never loses stickiness and can be reused hundreds of times. The case is low profile which allows the SLIMS case to be more compact yet not compromising on design. Ideal for people who require a discreet product or don't particularly like wood.

Each iPad Mini retina cover is made to order by a local team of master bookbinders, using locally sourced book binding materials and traditional machinery. This has a number of benefits; it drives down cost, stimulates the local economy and reduces our carbon footprint. BUKcase is also cleverly designed to have a stealthy yet elegant appearance, so that you don't attract any unwanted attention, which is an added bonus!

Once your iPad Mini retina cover is ready, we give it a unique personal ID number. This allows us to provide an excellent after-sales customer service and makes each case even more 'one-off'. We also craft our cases in limited batches, so once your case is made, we guarantee you will not find another one like it – that is the beauty of artisan products; no two products are ever the same.

Made in England.

Our iconic designs are created using traditional book binding knowledge, materials and handcrafted by seasoned craftsmen. We combine this with an understanding of the latest styles and an eye for aesthetic values.


Welcome to the original book bound case

The wonderfully British book bound case for your iPad Mini...

Made by skilled master bookbinders.

At BUKcase, we searched high and low to find the most experienced master craftsmen and we think we've found them! All our covers are handmade using old-age manufacturing processes in Manchester, England.

Slim, sleek design

We understand having a slim case is important, so we've worked incredibly hard ensuring we've made a case that's strong, portable and sleek. Our slimmest case is only 16mm thick.

Built in smart sleep wake function. 

Want the added convenience from an Apple smart cover but don't want to compromise on style? Well we've got you covered. Our elegant artisan covers have a built-in smart sleep wake function. Who said you had to compromise!

Is that an iPad case or a sketch book?

Still not sure? Well it's an iPad case. Our cases have been designed with you in mind. We know you don't want to attract any unwanted attention so we designed the BUKcase around the infamous sketchbook known to every designer and artist. 


Make it even more bespoke.

Want to make it even more personal? Well why not get your initials or a small message monogrammed on to your artisan case? Perfect as a present or even as a treat for yourself, and starting from £9.95, it's even more appealing!

Stand it up, fold it down or even read it like a book, the choice is yours.

Watching a film on the train, stand it side ways. Typing a letter to your pen pal, fold it back on itself. Reading a magazine...well you get the idea. BUKcase can be used in several ways, maximising enjoyment and making life that little bit easier! 

Super Sticky goodness!

We've introduced a new revolutionary adhesive to our all our BUKcase SLIMS. It's called GUMPTION adhesive. Made by our workshop gnomes; a new reusable and super strong adhesive to hold your device in your BUKcase! Easy to use, leaves no residue and very thin! Now that's what we call spiffing!

Change your mind? No problem.

Buying online can sometimes be a mystery. At BUKcase we want you to be happy with your purchase and give you peace of mind. That's why we're offering a 30 money back promise and 6 months guarantee. Can't get fairer than that.

Watch the Gumption adhesive in action.


Please allow 5-10 working days from day of order for delivery. We want to make sure we make your case with the utmost care and attention. An additional day will be added if you emboss the case.


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