iPad Mini 1 2 3 Leather. Sleeve Cote by BUKcase.

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Welcome to your new travel companion

The all in one, wonderfully British iPad Mini leather sleeve

Made by tea drinking, mint eating leather craftsmen.

At BUKcase, we searched high and low to find the most experienced and tea consuming craftsmen we could find. Our craftsman and his team of skilled tailors craft each case by hand in England. And, If you buy them a cuppa they may even be kind enough to show you around their workshop!

Your iPad mini leather sleeve, Handcrafted to the last inch.

Each leather sleeve is handcrafted in England using the finest materials. Our leather is sourced from Italy and thread from a local haberdashery. We then combine them to create a stunning, handmade and finished piece of art, which is only going to look better with age! We're confident you'll love it. 

Got an iPhone 5s, iPad mini, iPad retina and an iPad Air? No problem, we've got it covered!

We, like many other mobile device owners have several tablets and smartphones, and there's nothing worse than having mismatched covers. We understand appearance is important and making the right impression can make or break! That's why we've created a range of BUKcase COTES for the iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Retina and the latest edition - the iPad Air! 

Available in two wonderfully British, yet italian leathers.

We like choices, you like choices, we all like choices! Who doesn't?! Well, there are two colours to choose from. The infamous tan leather finished with a complimentary British racing green stitch, or the dark and mysterious wenge finished with a contrasting chalk white stitching. The hard part is now choosing the one for you. 

Carry what you need, not your entire life.

Who needs a wallet these days? We pay using card, NFC or with the odd banknote. So why carry a clunky wallet full of receipts dating back from 90's? We have a solution - The BUKcase COTE. Carry your device in the back pouch and your card, banknotes and other small items in the front. Life couldn't be simpler! 

One piece sleeve design. 

That's right, the BUKcase COTE sleeve is made from one piece of quality Italian leather. No dodgy cuts, no awkward folds or any smelly adhesives. It's made from one piece of leather folded on itself twice; That's what creates the unique two pocket system. We believe design should be kept simple, honest yet functional. In other words, we believe less is more! 

Change your mind? No problem.

Buying online can sometimes be a mystery. At BUKcase we want you to be happy with your purchase and give you peace of mind. That's why we're offering a 30 money back promise and 6 months guarantee. Can't get fairer than that.
*Please note, as leather is a natural product, colour and texture may vary sleeve to sleeve. 
*BUKcase COTE's have deliberately been designed to be initially a tight fit (on your device). But within a few days use, the sleeve will loosen and fit perfectly. Please do not be alarmed as this is perfectly normal.